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Quoted as "fast approaching cult status", Oslo Davis took us on a witty and absurd journey through his vast folio of cartoons at the AGideas seminar in Melbourne yesterday.
And what a delightful insight into the mind of an illustrator.
Hearing how he has struggled to have a recognisable style was interesting because his looseness and sparse colour are evident every time you look at his work. Self-doubt seems to torment even the most successful.
Oslo has seemed to simply pursue his love for drawing through his life, which has brought him great success. His wide portfolio of work kept the laughs coming and kept the audience, full of design students, interested - not an easy task.
I can't help wondering if he'll attend the after-party and whether he'll quote a student in his next 'Overheard' cartoon. We can only hope.

Check out Oslo's 'Overheard' cartoons at the link below.
Quote and image taken from AGideas website - link is below. 


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