I was so excited to receive my new Moo mini business cards in the mail. The business cards are a little smaller than the average size but the new technology, used to print them, allows you to have mulitple images on the reverse side.
I decided this was a fantastic way to show off my illustration folio. I set about designing the front to fit in with the branding I have on my stationery and web site and put my latest work on the reverse. I then punched holes in each set of 10, put a silver rivet on them and attached the set to a string of metal beads.
This little set then works as a kind of key-ring and portable mini folio that I have begun draping over bottles of wine. 
I'm using the wine to break the ice with publishers and other potential clients.
Let me know what you think - or drop me a line as I have some discount vouchers for friends to use when ordering their own Moo mini business cards.
© Jane Connory 2011

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Last night at Readings in Carlton, a gorgeous little book called 'Bilby Secrets', published by Walker Books, was launched.
Edel Wignell, the delightful author, passionately spoke about the Bilby's plight for existence and Mark Jackson, the Melbourne based illustrator, explained the process involved in creating the beautifully detailed layouts over a twelve month journey.
More than being inspired by Marks dedication to his craft, I was moved to find the nearest Darrell Lea shop and purchase a chocolate Bilby to support the 'Save the Bilby' charity!
Mark Jackson signing a copy of 'Bilby Secrets',
along side some original artwork and his biography listed in the book.

© Jane Connory 2011

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