My latest eBook project has me keeping my ear to the ground and watching what new publishing technology is popping up. As an illustrator and graphic designer, I find that technology keeps providing exciting new tools and formats to experiment with.
Sometimes it is hard to keep up but the daily pace of change keeps life interesting. Collaboration seems the key. No one can do any of this on their own.
Below is a link to a video showing a new interactive book on an iPad. It's Al Gore's sequel to an "Inconvenient Truth". Check out the cool windmill illustration.
Worth watching – Mike Matas: A next-generation digital book

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Let's hear it for the ladies!
Sally Rippin, another Melbourne based illustrator, has just released another book. Check out all the information at her website www.sallyrippin.com
My 7 year old daughter is a huge fan of Sally's Billie.B.Brown books. Sally even made a visit to my daughter's school to publicise them. It was so exciting for the girl's to hear from a real illustrator/author and added extra zeal to their reading efforts.
Sally's whole career is commendable and includes a Crichton Award in 1997 for "Fang Fang's Chinese New Year and a May Gibbs Fellowship in 2008. Not so secretly, I personally find her work an inspiration and strive to emulate her success in publishing.

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I have been working hard illustrating some fantastic ebooks and using social networking to market them - and I need your help!

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